You Don’t Have To Be A Celebrity To Look Like One – Top Celebrity Makeup Trends

Jaime King - Celebrity Makeup Style

Have you ever noticed how celebrities always look so perfect? Ever wished that you had their highly trained and incredibly talented makeup artists at your beck and call to give you that show stopping look at any time night or day? Well I can‘t promise to send the style gurus to your door but what I can do is let you in on a few hot makeup secrets that will give you that stunning catwalk look without the celebrity price tag!

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Bridesmaid Makeup Trends

In history, the bridesmaid would protect the bride against bad by wearing same clothes that the bride has worn. Keep your colors light, natural, and modern but not too trendy. Generally bridesmaid’s makeup should match your makeup. The planning process will help you to manage your time including listing the order of events and actions during wedding.

Some of the suggestions are as follows:

For face: Avoid hard makeup’s that would show your face too shiny as it would be not good for photographs. Oily shine is not attractive. Wash your face well before you apply makeup and use mild facial scrubs.

For cheeks: Neutral rose or golden pink are the best choice to apply in your cheek. Use perfect combination of light bronzer and pink blush.

Eyeliner: Use a standard eyeliner brush and brush you...

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How to Become Up To Date with the Makeup Trends

Makeup is a product that releases the beauty which is concealed deep within a woman’s face. 2015 makeup trends are all about elegant looking and showing your fearless side.

The term trend connotes pattern, change, direction and process. With trends you are on the move, in combat and in tune because if not it means you’re out. To be in season with the latest makeup trends always read, search and analyze data in the fashion world. You will never move forward and look your best if you’re:

*Stuck on old styles
*Afraid to go out of the closet
*Not updated
*Too busy with nonsense things
*Perception is limited

To looking your best in the world of transformation, you need to be updated:

*Make a statement that will be a basis for attractiveness
*Not be afraid to show who you really are
*Be cr...

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Colorful Celebrity Makeup Ideas

All makeup artists agree that the best way to emphasize the best facial feature is through colors. Playing around with color palettes also gives you a license to experiment on what would work best for your skin tone and facial features. Before indulging into a colorful makeover, take a look at the vivid makeup of some famous celebrity makeup icons and pick some inspiration from them:

Kate Beckinsale – Green eye makeup

Kate Beckinsale’s radiant beauty is very alluring. Her vibrant makeup can serve as muse to women who are not afraid to experiment with bold and vivid colors. The stunning green eye makeup of Kate gives us a foretaste of her penchant for outrageous glamour. To create those astounding green eyes of Kate, use beige eyeliner to outline the shape of your eyes...

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How to Use Green Eyeshadow

Green eyeshadow is generally seen as a color that is only used with brown eyes, or overly dramatic makeup. But the fact is, you can use green eyeshadow no matter what color your eyes are—it’s all in finding a color for your eyes and what shape.

First of all, look at your eye color. If you have blue or green eyes with a brown starburst around the middle, you can pull off darker greens. If you have light blue or gray eyes, try looking for a soft green as opposed to something bold.

Then there’s how you wear it. If you have slanted eyes, then use a light washing of green eyeshadow on your lid and a little more on your crease for definition. (You can use a darker green for the crease if you want.)

For almond...

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